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Lillerne #25
Recorded by Mac Blackout
Mastered by Zach Medearis


released November 1, 2010

Weird Alison - guitar, vocals, keys, kazoo
Rachel - guitar, vocals, keys, kazoo
Elyse - bass
Ape - drums




squish Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Shame Spiral
lyin' in bed, look like dead
-i'm a shiny, a shiny hero-
what you gonna do? can't go home to lou
-i'm a whiny, a whiny pyro-
vomit in the sheets, talking in the streets
-pantyline is twice your size oh!-
what they did, not gonna tell you
-i got a brain, a brain full of oatmeal-

my dad said i got a lobotomy
preteen lobotomy

don't wanna think, just wanna drink
shame spiral
up through the eyes, sliced with a knife
shame spiral
stir it up like soup, now it's only goop
shame spiral
they took it all away, sit and stare all day
shame spiral

steal from stores won't do no chores
-i'm a shiny, a shiny hero-
go ahead and beat me beat beat beat me
-i'm a whiny, a whiny pyro-
do your job don't wanna be a slob
-pantyline is twice your size oh!-
get your kicks, got a brand new ice pick
-i got a brain, a brain full of oatmeal-
Track Name: Daddy Rode a Seahorse at the Mall
mom is a robot
look at what i bought
molested at Glamour Shots
ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh

daddy rode a seahorse at the mall

15 don't work
sister's a jerk
all those kids are DIRT!

daddy rode a seahorse at the mall!
Track Name: Bad Head
i wanna live in the picture that you made me
in a rainbow waterfall i'd drink your pee
gnarly teeth, curly hair
colors everywhere
don't make me think about anything
i got ADD

my head's so bad
but it makes me laugh
my head's so bad!
cute bad head
bad head!
bad head!

is it hard? to be so smart
in the clouds to bathroom floor
and you think about things like death
and what it means
heavy subjects, heavy pets
we all have ADD